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Private Security.
On Demand. 
Affordable For All.

The future of public safety is here.

Licensed, local security officers.

At your location in under ten minutes.

At the touch of a button.

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Proudly Partnered With


What if everyone had access to private security?

CAPN is the answer to this question. By leveraging technology and and the power of community, CAPN has democratized private security. Now residents, small businesses, and nonprofits can utilize the same resources typically reserved for enterprise companies. 


By automating and streamlining the administrative, legal, reporting, and coordination aspects of the security industry, we have opened a new market for security companies...and a new service for the public. For a rate suitable to any budget, clients can summon a private security officer, as many times as they need, from the convenience of their phone. 

CAPN has built an entirely new market. 


Why do we need CAPN?

  • Who will respond to my alerts?
    CAPN offers three tiers of responses: 1) Field staff. We have teams deployed to every community we operate in, to liaise with clients, conduct market research, ensure quality control, and provide additional response coverage as needed. In many cases, they'll be the first on the scene. 2) Private security. Our private security partners send licensed, uniformed officers in <10 minutes after you send out an alert. 3) Law enforcement. We immediately call law enforcement in circumstances that require it. Until they show up, our field staff and partners will watch over your property, maintain visual contact with criminals, and ensure your safety.
  • How do you keep your rates so low?
    Our technology has allowed us to significantly reduce our administrative overhead while focusing our resources where they're needed most. Furthermore our technology allows us to efficiently pool the resources of a client base usually undeserved by legacy security companies--small businesses and individuals. Never before could a company so efficiently process tens of thousands of clients who only need private security a few times a year.
  • Is CAPN only available for the iPhone?
    Unfortunately our platform is only available on the iPhone for now. We are actively developing android and web based versions, and are open to providing solutions for those without iPhones in the time being. Just reach out to us, and we can discuss a unique interim solution for you.
  • Where is CAPN available?
    For now, CAPN is only available in Seattle and Everett, WA. If you are not in those areas, please reach out to us. We want to expand where we're needed most, and ultimately want to offer our services everywhere in the country.
  • How do I partner with CAPN?
    If you represent a community organization, private security company, or law enforcement agency, we'd love to speak with you. Forming close ties with all key stakeholders is essential to our success and part of our mission. Just reach out to us on our contact page below.


3245 Fairview Ave E

Suite 301

Seattle, WA 98102






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